Social Media Is NOT Addictive- It’s Actually Something Worse

The idea that social media is “addictive” isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Pretty much everyone with a wifi connection has used social media and has felt the compulsion to constantly check it. But what is, in my view, groundbreaking, are Sam Vaknin’s ideas on social media, how it actually works, and what it’s doing to everyone onContinue reading “Social Media Is NOT Addictive- It’s Actually Something Worse”

If You Want Well-Made, Responsible Clothing Here’s How Much You Should Actually Be Spending

Unless you’re used to paying about $250 or more for a dress, chances are you are more familiar with low-quality clothing. Most people these days are. Most people don’t know what quality clothes look or feel like because most people do not have quality clothes.

Curling Impossible to Curl Hair

Not even a week into this Blogmas thing and I’ve already missed a day. I suppose that means I need to post two blogs today to make up for it. Here we go… Considering that I’m “mixed,” it might come as a surprise that my hair is nearly impossible to curl. The reason for thisContinue reading “Curling Impossible to Curl Hair”

The Only Real Path to “Sustainability”

There is no one way to define sustainability, the sexiest buzzword of socially conscious businesses and consumers in 2019. Sustainability is many different things to many different people. For some, sustainability is fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. For others, it’s only natural textiles like cotton or wool. Some prefer organic cotton. It can alsoContinue reading “The Only Real Path to “Sustainability””