LIP INK International 100% Smear-proof Lip Color [Lip Ink Arm Swatches]

Honestly, I’m not much of a lipstick wearer. Or any lip color for that matter, not even a tinted balm. Lipsticks and balms are just so waxy and thick and sticky, they get on your cups, clothes, and even on your food when you’re trying to take a bite of a sandwich. Yuck! That isContinue reading “LIP INK International 100% Smear-proof Lip Color [Lip Ink Arm Swatches]”

I Failed My Sex Cleanse- Here’s What I Learned

So it’s been 93 days since I first started my sex cleanse. I had planned to keep going on for 6 months and then maybe a year but I’m calling it after 90 days. The idea behind doing this “sex cleanse” was to learn to have vaginal orgasms by not having clitoral orgasms for anContinue reading “I Failed My Sex Cleanse- Here’s What I Learned”

A quick update on how my “sex cleanse” is going

So I wrote a few months back that I would be embarking on a journey to reconnect with my vagina, in the hopes of discovering new pathways of orgasmic potential. The rules: no clitoral orgasms for at least 3 months. Here’s how it’s been going for the past 68 days. I failed at around dayContinue reading “A quick update on how my “sex cleanse” is going”

The Anatomy Of The 14 Pelvic Floor Muscles

9 min read Pelvic floor health, sex, and urinary incontinence can be awkward subjects to talk about. Without open communication, these subjects become taboo, making it easier for myths and disinformation to be passed along. One of the best ways to empower ourselves to have better pelvic floor health is to have a thorough understanding ofContinue reading “The Anatomy Of The 14 Pelvic Floor Muscles”

Feeling Aimless After Graduation? How to Pick the Right Career

This is not your typical 5 step checklist to deciding what you’re passionate about and how to find a job that fits that passion. I’m not going to suggest any personality type tests, aptitude, or skills tests (they don’t work for me), or ask you to “visualize” and “manifest” your perfect day or identify lost childhood interests. You’re going to want to read this very closely, learn from the stories and examples mentioned here, and then take strategic action in the direction that’s right for you. No quiz and no person can tell you how to find a career you love. This is a journey of discovery you have to take for yourself.

That Glittery Pink Sparkle Bubbly Feeling [Journal #005]

One of the reasons why I love movies so much is that they can sometimes evoke a certain feeling. I was watching Confessions of a Shopaholic and the movie was spot on when it comes to how stores can make us feel. But the only way I know how to describe this feeling is “thatContinue reading “That Glittery Pink Sparkle Bubbly Feeling [Journal #005]”

How to Sip In the Jade Egg With Your Vagina [Journal #002]

So I finally did the egg sipping thing. I was able to sip it in without pushing for the most part and I could expel the egg with just my muscles although that did take some straining. I think with more practice I’ll strain less. I tried it with a mirror which was helpful. ItContinue reading “How to Sip In the Jade Egg With Your Vagina [Journal #002]”