“You’re a real comedian,” her father said one day after she had done something silly. Dania, being 5 and too young to understand the word “comedian,” defiantly exclaimed, “I’m not a comedian, I’m an American!”

Dania Danielle (duh-KNEE-uh dan-YELL) is a business owner, writer, and creator intent on helping others create a better life for themselves. She’s learned quite a lot from her 2 short decades on Planet Earth and has the rare gift of being able articulate her inner experiences with words with precision and clarity.

In the 8th grade, Dania got her very first iPod Touch and gained unlimited access to the internet and social media. While she never had a Facebook, Dania began using Instagram and Tumblr and soon found herself in a very dark place among pro-anorexia groups which tended to also romanticize depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation. After struggling in silence with all of those things, she found the strength to confide in a friend who was in therapy for the very same things and who encouraged Dania to seek help.

It took many years and while she still has bad days, they are fewer and farther between the good ones. More importantly, however, are the practices, techniques, and insights that Dania learned along the way that helped her stay alive, recover, and handle the bad days when they do happen. These techniques, insights, practices and the resulting shifts in her mindset and beliefs are the core themes of this blog. Collectively, these things add up to emotional intelligence and Dania views it as a learnable skill which can be understood through a combination of psychology and spirituality. Dania firmly believes that this skill is the most essential skill for life because when it is exercised, it inevitably results in greater self-awareness and self-knowledge which allows a person to stop lying to themselves, overcome barriers, and to live with no regrets.

Among the many benefits, for Dania, the best “side effect” of emotional intelligence is creativity. Because emotional intelligence results in changing beliefs and mindsets, it brings clarity and creates the positive habit of cognitive restructuring– one of the 4 pillars of creativity.

Dania applies these things to topics she is passionate about such as fashion, consumerism, health & fitness, digital wellness, and sexual healing.