A quick update on how my “sex cleanse” is going

So I wrote a few months back that I would be embarking on a journey to reconnect with my vagina, in the hopes of discovering new pathways of orgasmic potential. The rules: no clitoral orgasms for at least 3 months. Here’s how it’s been going for the past 68 days.

  • I failed at around day 48 and had a clitoral orgasm. But I did notice that my clit was much more sensitive and I only needed a light touch to get myself off vs an extended time of direct clit stimulation like before. I think this is due to the same reasons that when people stop eating salt for a month or two, and then go eat fries, they taste wayyy too salty. It’s easy to gradually get desensitized to any form of sensory input, be it taste or tactile.
  • I had anther clitoral orgasm a few weeks after Day 48 via indirect stimulation from my dildo rubbing my labia which in turn rubbed my clit. Not exactly the goal I was looking for but I guess it’s some progress.
  • I’m noticing and experiencing much more sensation in my vagina compared to before, primarily near the opening and mostly when I use a small, curved glass dildo. Not really a fan of using my fingers for some reason and that’s ok.
  • I haven’t really noticed a definite increase in natural vaginal lubrication, which was another goal or suspected effect of this experiment. I mean, I think I noticed some but it’s not a discernible difference. I was kinda hoping that with more vaginal stimulation my body would start going Ok we’re using our vagina now not just the clit- better make some more lubrication. That’s obviously not how things work, at least in my body. Vaginal lubrication is the result of increased blood flow. And proper circulation is promoted mainly by diet and exercise.
  • I haven’t been exercising with my jade egg as much as I should I have, which explains why I haven’t seen an increase in wetness. The jade “egg-cersie” could also be the key to vaginal orgasms but I won’t know until I’m consistent with using them.
  • Fun facts: I bough a cute confetti dildo on Amazon and I got better lube! My old brand of lube caused a burning sensation and I never used it- so not sexy.

Another fun thing that happed in the past two months- the updated edition of Come As You Are came out! I love, love love this book; I preordered it last year on Kindle and I’m so excited. Definitely well worth the wait. It’s everything everyone who has a vagina or who comes into contact with vaginas needs to know about women’s sexuality. The book is practical and not boring at all. Unlike other popular books I’ve read (like The Vagina Bible) it goes beyond the boring basics, beyond the tired old facts that most 20-something women already know, and gets right to the heart of many issues. Truly eye opening, I can’t recommend it enough. You’ll learn a lot and more importantly you’ll learn a lot about yourself. No matter what gender or sexuality you identify with.

I also started my very first full-time job so that explains the lack of recent posts. And, I have also decided to do a juice cleanse as a first step to becoming a raw vegan. I’ve eaten a vegan diet for a few years now and throughout that time, the desire to eat raw vegan has waxed and waned. I’ve learned that if something keeps popping up in my life many times over the course of years (like the jade egg), I need to start paying more attention. This feels like the direction that’s right for me and my health at this time.

So going forward I’ll be using my jade egg daily (even if it is just 5 minutes; the 1 hour a day as prescribed by Dr. Kegel is just too much for me and 5 minutes is better than nothing), and I’ll be starting my juice cleanse as soon as the juicer I bought on eBay arrives. And hopefully, I can make a post soon about why I’m doing a juice cleanse, what my expectations are, how long it will be for, and how I plan to continue eating healthy after the cleanse.

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