The Meaning of Life ft. Spock & Kirk

Ask a Vulcan what the meaning of life is and he will tell you that the meaning of life is sex.

Of course, Mr. Spock would never just come out and say it so directly. He might rattle off some facts about evolution and biology and then present the conclusion that scientifically speaking, the meaning of life is to create life. Live long and prosper. And biological prosperity is the replication of genetic material.

In other words, the meaning of life is sex.

Just not the messy, drama-filled emotional kind of sex and relationships that humans tend to involve themselves in for reasons unbeknownst to any rational individuals.

Ask a human what the meaning of life is and he will say it’s passion.

Obviously, Captain Kirk may not use that word specifically, at least not right away, it’s become such a buzzword in our modern lexicon. He might say it’s about pushing forward, boldly going where no one has gone before. Why? Because it’s cool. Because he wants to. Because why not? For curiosity’s sake. For self fulfillment. For purpose.

In a nutshell: Passion.

It’s funny and yet sad how often and how easily we (and our culture) conflate the two.

Yes, sex can be passionate and people can be passionate about sex. I know I am. 😉

But I am not a Vulcan. I am a human.

Sex isn’t the only source of passion. Neither are reproduction and parenting. For some people, those aren’t sources of passion at all.

Are you passionate about sex? What is your source of passion? Are you a Vulcan? Or a human? I’m so curious to know.

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