February Review

I had a rough month, not gonna lie. I was stood up on a date, catfished, and the guy I was hooking up with ghosted me. I had an emotional breakdown spiritual awakening and I think I may have found a new therapist that’s right for me. I texted this guy I used to date a year and a half ago when I knew damn well I shouldn’t have but thankfully the exchange was short. I’m behind on my homework and I need to use my week of Spring Break to catch up. One of my roommates and I are apartment hunting for a new place because our current place and other roommates suck. But, all in all, I feel like things are improving.

The No Buy is going quite well. While I have gotten Lenny & Larry’s cookies from the 7-Eleven around the corner from my school more times than I can keep track of this month, and I went out to eat by myself (but I was in NYC), aside from that, the only other infraction on my No Buy was a book. And it’s hardly an infraction at all once you consider that I bought it during the school field trip to NYC this month so it’s really more like a souvenir. But not a useless trinket souvenir, it’s a useful, educational souvenir about how to start a fashion business. I also spent $100 on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park but it was my first time in NYC and that was an experience so it’s not in violation of the No Buy (although I do hate having a $100 balance on my credit card).

I’ve hardly been blogging this year at all. I’ve journaled a lot though; it’s how I deal with the rough stuff and the messy emotions. Sometimes I can spend 2 hours a day journalling on the journal app on my phone. I dislike neglecting my blog though. When I started writing on this site, I had this vague idea of what I wanted it to be like, which, that’s not how it’s going right now and that’s ok. School is taking priority right now and 5 classes at once is a lot. Homework is more time consuming than I anticipated. Of course, I wasn’t expecting fashion school to be easy, but I also wasn’t expecting to think “Damn, I really had it easy back at Northeastern.”

I’ve been thinking about writing fiction on my blog too. I have a lot of nostalgia and idealism rolling around in my head about other times and places and the romanticization of it all- like a Lana Del Rey music video. I have all of these images collected on the Pinterest of art and furniture and architecture and interiors and wouldn’t it be great to put a story behind it. (I love the phrase “the Pinterest.” Grammarly corrected “Pinterest” to “the Pinterest.” So I left it in.)

I do want to write “normal” blog posts too. I think my views on Beauty and Amour have evolved and during this state of flux, I didn’t have anything to say or I didn’t know what to say. I think I may now, though. As for fashion, nothing’s changed really. Of course, I’m learning so much at school so, in a way, everything’s changing. But I don’t think I have anything to say worth writing or anything else that would be helpful.

Another thing with writing is that sometimes I can write a post that’s 3,000 words long and it takes several hours. But other times, I write something shorter but it sometimes feels incomplete, like I don’t have enough to say. The energy for a certain idea will come and go too. I’ll get four great ideas at once but only complete a post for one of them, the rest remain drafts that I have no desire to revisit because new ideas are constantly rolling in.

Excuse me, I’d better get to writing more posts while the blogging bug is here. 🙂

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