January Review

Every December, I like to pick a personal theme for the upcoming year. For 2019, it was “Know thyself.” For 2020, it’s “Forward.” And so I decided that part of moving myself forward would be changing my relationship with money and my consumption habits. This meant declaring a No Buy for 2020 (with a few caveats).

Each month, I plan to do a review of how this is working out. This January is kind of an exception because I moved into my very first apartment! And this meant that I bought a lot of stuff. So while I did buy a new Ninja Blender, mattress and topper, curtain rods, furniture sliders, cleaning supplies, Quip toothbrush, space heater, water bottle, etc, I’m happy to report that I made my own bed!

Ok, so I didn’t make all of it. Part of the bed consists of 3 Ikea Malm dressers but the rest of it is 2×4’s drilled together with screws and metal braces. I’m quite proud of it, considering that my mom and I are probably the last people you’d ask to build something. I also sewed my own curtains for my bedroom out of some scrap fabric that I had instead of buying them.

I did however, break the No Buy already.

Yeah, I know, not good.

The first thing I bought was a rolling Samsonite bag. But this isn’t what broke the No Buy. Technically, this bag was supposed to be a Christmas present but since there is a Samsonite store in Boston, my mom and I decided to just wait and buy it here.

What broke the No Buy was…



… Nail care products.

I know. I know. I specifically mentioned nail care in my No Buy announcement post. And while I didn’t buy a whole gel nail kit, I still haven’t been to a nail salon. So here’s my excuse: most nail techs do not care for nails properly. And as I’ve been learning about proper nail care, it became very apparent to me that it would be safer for the health of my nails to do a manicure myself. So I bought a few goodies (under $25 total) to let me do my own manicure. If I ever want to get gel nails, I will still go into a salon. But if and when I go, I’ll only be getting my nails painted, not a full manicure.

I’m not sure I’ll even be spending money at a nail salon any time soon though. Other things are taking priority like school supplies and groceries and going places and doing things with friends that I haven’t seen since last January. I do wish I could paint my nails myself though. My issue is that I can never paint on the layers of polish thin enough without making the color streaky. Instead, I end up with thick layers that never dry and get smudged, hence the desire for a gel maniucre where the gel polish is cured instantly under UV or LED lighting.

Even though I have technicalled failed at the No Buy already, I’m not just going to give up. I elected not to renew my Amazon Prime membership and that really helps with the temptation to buy things. I will admit though, that I would like to buy some new hair rollers. I had some big 2″ magnetic rollers that took forever and a day to get my hair to dry so I want to switch over to mesh brush rollers that have a more open design for faster drying. I also wanted to get smaller rollers. I suppose buying new rollers would technically be another infraction against the rules of my No Buy but I returned the magnetic ones to Amazon and got a refund so I call it fair.

The second portion of moving forward this year is my singular New Year’s Resolution– sleeping better. This is something I’ve been doing very well with. Classes start at 9AM and I’m in bed the night before by 12:30, a major improvement from my habitual 2 AM. It‘s crazy how things just sort of just fell into place when I started classes. I know I said I wasn’t going to use my computer or phone in bed, and while I haven’t stuck to this perfectly, I’ve done fairly well with it. I think the fact that my bed is now a good 4 feet off the ground and I have to climb up into it certainly helps.

I also have a household to run. Yes, of course, I have roommates, but I still have to do everything that I would do if I were living alone, minus a few chores. Plus I’m the only one who deals with the maintainence guys (which is kinda unfair). I have to grocery shop on my own- the food doesn’t just appear in the fridge like it does when I lived with my parents. I have to make sure I get up on time and no one else in the house is going to help me with that. I have to buy all my own school suplies which means going to buy fabric. I also have to manage my own logistics when it comes to getting around and making the trek to the fabric store, meeting up with friends, making time to cook and clean, and do my hair and take care of myself. It’s a big change, and this is all in addition to the things I’m used to doing like my own laundry and cleaning my room and my bathroom (except now I clean the mess in the bathroom made by 4 people instead of just myself).

I really don’t have time to be on my computer or phone that much which is a good thing because I believe it drains my energy. And that’s another thing about living here- I have so much more energy than I did when I lived with my parents. Part of me wonders if it’s because everything is so new to me and I’m just running on andrenaline. Or maybe it’s the meditiations I’ve been doing.  And then another part of me suspects that it’s because I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in life right now, which is at this wonderful fashion school. Yes, homework is still working and I wouldn’t prefer it to curling up with a good book, but it doesn’t feel like such a drag to me, not like the homework in university and high school did. I actually spent most of my day today from 8:30 AM to 4 PM at school doing my assignments. And even though it’s a Saturday, I didn’t really mind that much. 

I also have had to work on letting things go unfinsihed. Sometimes my dishes stay in the sink overnight or I forget to run the dishwasher. Clothes stay on the floor and things stay on my desk. As much as I love a nice clean and clear desk, I love getting enough sleep even more.

I’ve had a wonderful January. Here’s to a great start to a new year and a new decade! Cheers!

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