Things I Regret Buying: The Happy Planner

What I bought: The Happy Planner Mini Budgeting Edition July 2019 – June 2020

Why I bought it: to lessen digital distractions by switching to “analog” ways of doing things and staying organized

Signs I shouldn’t have bought it: I actually wanted a different happy planner but it didn’t come in the mini size (the full size would’ve made my purse too heavy). I wasn’t 100% happy with the layout of the planner and there were some spaces in it that I knew I wouldn’t need

Why I regret buying it: I rarely used it and I didn’t spend less time using my phone as a result. Just the fact that it added weight to my handbag made me not carry it with me, which defeats the purpose of it replacing my phone’s calendar and reminders. I also spent a good deal of money on it, considering it was just a planner.

What I should’ve done or purchased instead: I should’ve found a way to modify my phone to suit my goals and gotten some self control