The Life Changing Magic of a Detachable Showerhead and the Art of Half-Showering

I got a detachable showerhead recently, you know, the ones with the hose, and let me tell you, it was the best decision ever.

A showerhead with the hose was something I really missed during college and at my parent’s new house. I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner and when I move out, I refuse to live without one.

The thing about shower hoses is that they’re a necessity. Like hot water or electricity. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of why you need a detachable showerhead.

1. You need to rinse your crotch.

Yeah I said it. It’s awkward but so true. You need to rinse yourself down there. We should all know by now that douching and using soap or “feminine cleanser” is not only unnecessary, but can also be harmful. The only thing you need to rinse your vagina and/or asshole with is WATER. But how do you expect to get a good thorough rinse if the showerhead is attached to the wall? That’s right, you can’t.

Ya nasty.

Related image

2. They usually have 5+ pressure settings.

Detatchable showerheads are the best vibrators.

3. It’s easier to clean your bathtub/ shower.

I’ve never understood how people with fixed showerheads rinse off the SoftScrub or Comet after they clean their bathroom. Maybe they just don’t clean it at all. Ya nasties.

4. You can half-shower.

This is the most important point. Half-showering is a term I made up. I’m sure lots of people do this already but for the uninitiated, half-showering refers to washing your hair or shaving your legs without taking a full shower. I actually prefer to “half-shower” for washing my hair, even when I’m going to be jumping in the shower right after. A detatchable showerhead means that you can direct the water where you need it to go and keep it away from where you want to stay dry. With a fixed showerhead, it’s all or nothing.

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