Top Sheets Bedding Hack

For years I never used top sheets. I thought they were annoying. They would always come untucked all the way around every night and I’m too lazy to make my bed in the mornings, especially back when I was rushing out the door for school every morning.

What I was never told but which convinced me of the importance and necessity of the top sheet is its function. The top sheet isn’t for keeping you warm, it’s for providing an easily washed, lightweight layer between you and your blankets and duvet/comforter. Essentially, it’s for cleanliness so you don’t have to wash your duvet & blankets so often.

When I was getting ready to go to college I was looking for twin XL sheets. But not just any sheets. They had to be bright white high thread count cotton sateen sheets. This type of bedding is hard enough to find, let alone in the twin XL size.

Finally, I found the perfect sheets at Bed Bath & Beyond. Except the top and bottom sheets were being sold separately. And the bottom sheets were sold out. And the only top sheets left in stock were full size, not twin XL. I decided to go with the full size anyways. At least they were on clearance.

So I got them and I’m really glad I did. Having a top sheet that’s a size too big for your bed means that the sheet will always have enough room to tuck into the sides and the end. I find that when I buy the “right” size, the sides come untucked way too easily, especially if the mattress is thick.

I suppose that’s how I figured out that I actually prefer having a sheet that’s “too big.” I also thought about how sometimes one person in a couple tends to hog the sheets; having a bigger sheet might help with that.

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