An Admission of My Own Laziness

It was mostly out of necessity. It’s getting cold and it would be nice to have more than 2 pairs of pants, both of which are athletic-style (ie, not “proper” pants). I know I said before that I was on a “shopping detox,” overhauling my wardrobe, etc. But I bought jeans. And camis. Ok, ok so my mom bought them because I’m broke af. Judge me.

The camis are for layering and for exercising, something I need to do more of and I’m making an effort to. I hate working out in T-shirts simply because they are always too loose on me and easily ride (more like slide) up on me anytime I’m not perfectly vertical.

I may have a functional purpose for the camis but the jeans are primarily due to laziness. Yes, it’s nice to have pants other than my leggings and sweatpants to wear in the winter. But it’s not like I don’t have stockings to wear under my skirts.

The problem is stockings with the garter take longer to put on than pants. And not only that but I feel odd if I wear nice clothes but my hair isn’t styled and my makeup isn’t done, two things that I have zero energy for at 7AM. To add to my list of excuses, when there are snow and ice on the ground, I wear my winter snow boots.

grey winter walmart boots

These are not my cute boots. My cute boots have heels which, no matter how low and chunky, are a hazard; knowing me I’m likely to slip and hurt myself wearing any type of heel. (This happened last year even in my proper snow boots!) New boots aren’t really in the cards for me right this moment; perhaps I’ll ask for some for Christmas.

I think this laziness is symptomatic of a deeper attitude I have. It seems to me that I won’t even try to attempt something if I can’t or won’t do it 110%. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. If my outfit is on point, but my makeup or my hair or my shoes are less than ideal, I think I may as well just wear my Lulu’s with an oversized sweater and go bare-faced. And what’s the point of doing my hair if my makeup and outfit aren’t poppin’ as well? Why bother wearing makeup if my outfit is trash?

Laziness factor aside, I think it would be unbalanced to go all out with only one or two factors of my appearance that day; it would look weird to have on my nice clothes but messy hair or to have eyeliner fly af but my shoes and outfit look dumpy. It’s about creating a harmonious presentation and it takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate everything. Most days I just don’t have the energy in the morning or other things take priority like schoolwork and projects and club meetings.

Next semester I planned my classes so that I have no 8 AMs. I am so not a morning person and I’ve given up trying to force myself to be. Hopefully, that will give me more time and energy in the mornings. This is something I love about the independence of college- I get to set my own schedule. I get to do what works best for me and I’m not forced along the same track as everyone else.

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