Shaving My Legs is Better Than Waxing

So much better.

Up until last night, I hadn’t shaved my legs since practically New Years. I know, I know- gross.

I was growing out the hair over the winter so that I could wax them. I tried waxing them with both Parissa Hard Wax and the Parissa Roll On Sugar Wax. Great products, very effective, I use them elsewhere on my body and they work great for me.

But despite the effective hair removal the wax had on my legs, they just didn’t feel right. You know that super silky, buttery satin smooth, pillow-soft feeling of freshly shaved legs? Yeah no, none of that with the waxing. And come on, that’s the best part of shaving your legs.

Shaving, at least for me, is simply far superior when it comes to exfoliation than waxing is. Think about it- what hair removal method could possibly remove more dead skin than literally scraping it off with a razor? Not even my dry body brush could compare. I mean, no wonder those beauty gurus on YouTube shave their faces!

So, back to shaving I go.

And boy, did I miss this! My legs feel so much softer, even compared to my skin after waxing. Everything feels better, I can actually feel the softness of my sheets on my skin (now that there isn’t a layer of dry crusted skin on my legs, ew).

I may wax my face, armpits, my stomach, my labia, and my asshole, but I will always shave my legs.

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